To add Exam Grade, go to CBSE Examination > Exam Grade. After click on exam grade, the Exam Grade List will be open on the right side.

To Add Exam Grade, simply click on the Add button which is located at top right corner, Add Grade model will be open.

Please enter the Grade Title and Description of the Grade. Below, you will see multiple input fields. First, enter the Grade. Then, set the Maximum and Minimum Percentages for that grade. Finally, include any remarks.

You can also add the multiple input field, now click on the Add More button, multiple input field will open in below.


To Edit Grade, go to the action column, here you can see one pencil icon, just click on edit (pencil) icon, Edit Grade model will be open.

Now update the details of grade and click on save button which is showing bottom right corner, the grade details will be update successfully, and you can see them on the exam grade list.

To delete the grade from the exam grade list, go to the action column, here you can see one delete (cross) icon will showing.

Now click on Delete icon, delete confirmation model will be open.

Now click on OK button, so grade will be deleted successfully from the exam grade list.