This examination adopts a distinct approach to assessing students, encompassing modules such as terms, observation, observation parameter, assessment, marksheet templates, subject marks reports, and template marks reports.

In this examination, you have the option to create multiple terms for various exams, and these multiple terms, along with the exams, can be printed on the marksheet. Overall, there are no limitations to the number of terms you can create within a single year for this examination.

Assessment plays a crucial role in evaluating students' knowledge, skills, and understanding of the subjects. Assessment in this examinations aims to provide a comprehensive view of students' academic performance and holistic development. It emphasizes not only subject knowledge but also practical knowledge.

The role of observation is integral to upholding the integrity and credibility of the assessment process. It contributes to a transparent and reliable evaluation system that is essential for students.

Observation parameters refer to the specific criteria and aspects that are monitored, evaluated, and assessed by external observers during the conduct of examinations.

CBSE Examination Workflow : -

In the CBSE Examination, the following steps should be followed :-

  1. Create the term.
  2. Create the assessments.
  3. Before creating observations, establish the observation parameters.
  4. Create the observations.
  5. Assign the observations and link the marks to them.
  6. Create the exam grade for the examination.
  7. Create the exam and assign it to the students.
  8. Enter the subjects and their respective marks.
  9. Record the attendance and teacher remarks.
  10. To publish exam, you need to edit the exam and check the checkbox of publish exam.
  11. To publish result, you need to edit the exam and check the checkbox of publish result.
  12. To print the mark sheet, create the template first.
  13. Link the exam with the template.
  14. Now, you can print the mark sheet.
  15. To check the result student side, login student panel, go to CBSE Examination > Exam Result.