To manage notification setting, go to System Setting > Notification Setting. There are 29 events like Student Admission, Exam Result, Fee Submission, Absent Attendance, Homework, Fees Reminder, Forget Password, Online Examination Publish Exam, Online Examination Publish Result, Zoom Live Classes, Zoom Live Meetings, Gmeet Live Meeting, Gmeet Live Classes, Gmeet Live Meeting Start, Gmeet Live Classes Start, Zoom Live Classes Start, Zoom Live Meetings Start, Online Admission Form Submission, Online Admission Fess Submission, Online Course Publish, Online Course Purchase, Student Login Credential, Staff Login Credential, Fee Processing, Online Admission Fees Processing, Student Apply Leave, Email PDF Exam Mark sheet, Online Course Purchase For Guest User and Online Course Guest User Sign Up. In Notification Setting automated Email / SMS are sending to concerning person's Email / SMS / Mobile number. With the help of notification setting you can manage Destination and Recipient which notifications to send in which Event and select the check box and then click on save button.

Here we are describing that who will receive event notification (Email/SMS/Mobile App notification)-

Student Admission: Student, Guardian

Exam Result: Student, Guardian

Fees Submission: Guardian, Student

Absent Attendance: Guardian, Student

Homework: Student, Guardian

Fees Reminder: Student, Guardian

Forgot Password: Student, Guardian and Staff

Online examination publish exam: Student, Guardian

Online examination publish result: Student, Guardian

Zoom Live Classes: Student, Guardian

Zoom Live Meetings: Staff

Gmeet Live Meeting: Staff

Gmeet Live Classes: Student, Guardian

Gmeet live Meeting Start: Staff

Gmeet Live Classes Start: Student, Guardian

Zoom Live Classes Start: Student, Guardian

Zoom Live Meetings Start: Staff

Online Admission Form Submission: Student, Guardian

Online Admission Fees Submission: Student, Guardian

Online Course Publish: Student, Guardian

Online Course Purchase: Student, Guardian

Student Login Credential: Student, Guardian

Staff Login Credential: Staff

Fee Processing: Student, Guardian

Online Admission Fees Processing: Student, Guardian

Student Apply Leave: Guardian, Staff

Email PDF Exam Mark sheet: Student, Guardian

Online Course Purchase For Guest User: Student

Online Course Guest User Sign Up: Student

To edit sample message click on Edit icon present in the sample message column, at click of this icon a modal will be open. Here enter Subject, Template ID (here Template ID is your DLT template registration ID which is used only in Indian SMS gateway), Template and then click on Save button.

edit notification setting

Note If you are using any Indian SMS gateway then your template content must be match with your DLT registered template content.