Student/Parent moudule is used to Student/Parent(Guardian) login.
The Parent login is nothing but the login of the person whom we have made guardian at the time of student admission, so we can say it Guardian panel also. The Login credencial will generate for the guardian. the Student/Parent's module feature are same but only difference between these module is, after login from parent panel you can see all the classes list of your all children and login from student panel You can only see the classes of the student whose account you have logged into.

If student belongs to multiple classes then you need to choose your class (If you are login as Parent and you have more than one child then it will show you all the classes of all children) from the given modal, system will store your selected class as your default class (when you login next time it will process with this default class), Later on you can switch your class from the Class Switcher present at the top right corner.

By login to student/parent module they can check the details of the following sections -

  • My Profile
  • Fees
  • Class Timetable
  • Lesson Plan
  • Syllabus Status
  • Homework
  • Online Exam
  • Apply Leave
  • Download Center
  • Attendance
  • Examination
  • Notice Board
  • Teacher's Review
  • Library
  • Transport Route
  • Hostel Rooms
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