Student Information

How to add Siblings?

You can add multiple siblings by adding student as a sibling to each other’s, but you can only add sibling to those students in which no sibling is already added, so to add multiple siblings e.g. A, B, C, D follow these steps-Select student to which you want to add sibling e.g. if you want student B as sibling of student A so select student A profile (note: student A should not have any sibling).Go to student A profile and click on Edit button, then add sibling, student B here and
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How to enable Online Admission in Front Site?

To activate Online Admission form in Front Site do following steps -Enable Online Admission: Go to System Settings > General Setting > Miscellaneous > Online Admission set it to Enabled then click on Save button.Enable Front Site: Go to System Setting > Front CMS Setting > Front CMS set it to Enabled then click on Save button.Add Online Admission Link in Front Site Menu: Go to Front CMS > Menus > Main Menu, here if Online Admission menu item is exist then edit it
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