To student admission, go to Student Information > Student Admission then enter Admission No (if you want to use auto generation of student admission number then enable it from System Setting > General Setting), Roll Number (Here the roll number does not contain any validation, this will managed by administrator. Roll number is only for reference purpose, when you will generate the admit card of the student from the exam module , then a roll number will be auto generated for the related exam.) and Fill all entries here Class, Section, First Name, Last Name Gender, Date of Birth, Category, Religion, Caste, Mobile Number, Email, Admission Date, Student Photo, Blood group, student House, Height, weight, As on Date.

Add sibling- click on Add Sibling, sibling modal will be open. Here select Class, Section and Student and then click on Add button (note that if student has more than one sibling study in school then you do not have to select all the siblings just select any one sibling and system automatic detects other siblings).

To add student Parent Guardian Detail, Fill the details Father Name, Father Phone, Father Occupation, Father Photo, Mother Name, Mother Phone, Mother Occupation, Mother Photo and fill the Guardian Details and click on Save button.

If you want to add more details of the student, then click on the Add (+) icon. Here you fill all the details Student Address Details, Transport Details, Hostel Details and Miscellaneous Details and Upload Documents and then click on Save button.