To ensure that Two Factor Authentication is working for the user (student or parent), go to user login in your Smart School, after logging in, the user's dashboard will open, now click on the user image, which is displayed in the top right corner.

A small popup window will be opened, now click on Setting.

After clicking Setting, the Two Factor Authentication Setup 2FA page will appear. 

First, check whether the Google Authenticator app is available on your mobile device or not. If not, then download Google Authenticator.

  1. On your mobile device, go to Play Store / IOS Store.
  2. Download the Google Authenticator and install in your device.

  1. Now open the Google Authenticator app and setup your first account.
  2. Use the QR code or setup key in your 2FA settings (by Google or third-party service). If you’re having trouble, go to
  3. Now click on Scan a QR code from your mobile.

7. Now, open the Setup 2FA page, which is available in User Login (students or parents) > Smart School Top Right Corner Profile Image > Setting.

8. The Setup the 2FA method page will now be displayed. 

  1. Now scan the QR code, and you will get the six-digit verification code, which will show up in your Google Authenticator app on your mobile device.
  2. Now fill in the six-digit verification code below the QR code and click on Verify and Activate.
  3. After filling out the six-digit verification code, you have enabled the 2FA method in your Smart School.