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In just one solution, a multi-branch system can effectively control and manage the information from the main branch. It ensures top-level security for all the updated information. The super admin can store and circulate information for the different branches separately. The system enables the super admin to take control of the main branch without the involvement of the other branches. The system also facilitates the selection of multiple languages to circulate, store, or change data within the
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How to add the new branch in Smart School home branch?

To add a branch, login from the super admin panel, then go to Multi Branch > Settings and click on the + Add New button, the Add New Branch window will open. Enter the Envato Purchase Code now. You can make the current branch's login the default by checking the box. Now fill in the hostname, database name, username, and password, then finally click on the Verify & Save button present at the bottom right corner.Note: (1) When you add the new branch in your Smart School, database
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How to edit a branch?

To Edit a branch, click on the Setting button, at the click of this button, an Edit Detail modal will be opened, now click on the Edit icon present in the left corner, an Edit Branch modal will be opened here, update the detail and then click on the Verify & Save button present in the bottom right corner.
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How to delete the branch?

To Delete Branch, click on the Cross icon in the right corner, after clicking on Cross icon, Delete confirmation modal will be open then click on OK button, branch will be deleted successfully. 
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How to switch the branch?

To switch branches, click the Switch Branch icon in the upper right corner. The Switch Branch modal will now appear, and you can change the branch by clicking on the radio button, then click on the Update button, which is located in the below. 
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How to check Multi Branch overview?

In the Multi Branch Overview, you can check all the details of your different branches with the help of different modules. Please click on the Multi Branch button in the left side bar to access the Overview page, then select the first option, Overview, the Overview page will now be displayed. The Overview page displays table level details for various modules, such as Fees Details > Transportation Fees Details > Student Admission > Library Details > Alumni Students
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How to check multi branch report?

To check the report, go to Multi Branch > Report, here you will see all multi branch reports.Now, you can check the reports of different modules such as the Daily Collection Report, Payroll Report, Income List, Expense List, Income Report, Expense Report, and User Log Report.Daily Collection Report : To check the Daily Collection report, go to Multi Branch > Report. Here, select the date range for which you want to see the between dates report and click on the Search button.To
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