To mark period attendance, go to Attendance > Period Attendance then select Class, Section, Date and Subject and then click on Search button. The list of student will be shown in the below of the page.

Now, mark the Attendance as (Present, Late, Absent, Holiday, Half day) and in Note column mention the note regarding the attendance of that student then click on Save Attendance button.

you can also manage the attendance by changing the status of attendance as present to absent etc.

Now if you want to mark the same attendance, there is Set attendance for all Students as option available right above of the attendance, When you select Present so one confirmation message will be open.

Now, click on the OK button to mark attendance. All the students below will be marked as Present. Afterward, click on the Save Attendance button to ensure that the attendance marks are recorded successfully.

 The same process applies for other options such as Late, Absent, Holiday and Half Day.