Through zoom account single api key you cannot create multiple live class/meeting even if you are using zoom paid account, so if you want to run multiple Live Classes simultaneously for different host then you should use multiple api keys for teachers as self api . Also please note that if teacher want to create Live Class with self api so it must be created from Timetable otherwise if Live class created from Add Class button so it will always use global api key. To create Live Class with self api key, click on created Timetable it will open Add Live Class window. Please check below screenshot for more.

Note -  In Smart School Zoom Live Class module only creates Classes and Meetings using zoom API and users can start or join these classes or meetings further all processing and management done by If you are using Zoom paid account (like 10 host license) then you should create each host user zoom API credential and add it to Smart School Zoom Live Class in Add Credential option present in teacher account. As Zoom doesn't provide simultaneously multiple Live Class start feature for single host even you are using zoom paid account so you should create multiple host account in zoom to run multiple simultaneous Live Classes started by each host.