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Behaviour is the way in which one acts or presents themselves. It consists of a person’s unique mannerisms, ways of speech, habits and more. The way in which one behaves can tell you a lot about the kind of person they are, and help us understand their character better. Good behaviour always attracts others and makes one seem approachable and nice. It is an expression of good character and morals.Similarly, bad behaviour is repulsive to people and has no positive consequences. However,
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How to check the list of incidents?

To check the incidents list, go to Behaviour Records > Incidents. After clicking on incidents, the incident list page will open, and here you can view the incidents list.Now, in the incidents list table, you can see the columns of title, point, and description. The incident name appears in the Title column, and the incident point appears in the Point column, depending on whether the incident was positive or negative. If incidents are positive, students will get the positive point, and if
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How to edit the incidents in the incident list?

To edit the incident, go to the Behaviour Records > Incidents page. The incident list will be open, there is an action column, in this column, you can see pencil or edit icon, with the help of this pencil or edit icon, you can edit the specific incident.Now click on the pencil or edit icon next to the specific incident you want to edit. The Edit Incident modal will appear after clicking the Edit icon. You can see previous details mentioned, such as the incident title, point, Is
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How to delete an incident from the incident list?

To delete the incident from the incident list, go to Behaviour Records > Incidents. When you click Incidents the incident list page will open. The Action column can be found in the right-hand corner of the incident list page. In the Action column, you can see the cross icon is available. You can delete any incident you want by clicking on this cross icon.Now, click the cross icon. A delete confirmation message will appear. Now click on OK, which is showing in the
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How to add the incidents?

To add the incidents, go to the Behaviour Records > Incidents. The incident list page will be open, and now in the top right corner you can see the +Add button showing. With the help of this button, you can add the incidents.Now, click the +Add button to open the Add Incident modal. Now you can see mandatory options to fill out (Title, Point, and Description). Title: Fill in the name of the incident in the title field. Point: In points, you can fill in the points
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How to assign incidents to the students?

To assign an incident to a specific student, go to the select criteria at the top of the page, then select the class and section, and then click on the search button in the top right corner. Students are displayed in the assign incidents list of related classes and sections after clicking on search.  Click the search button to open the previous assign incident list, a list will appear below. The assign incident list has seven columns: the first column contains the student
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How to view the assigned incident?

To view the assigned incident, navigate to behaviour records > assign incident. The assigned incident list will open, now, in the action column, click on the list icon next to the plus icon. The View Assigned Incident page will open after you click the View List icon. Now on the assigned page, you can see the title name of the incident in the first column, the point (positive or negative) in the second column, the date in the third column, and the incident description in the
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How to check behaviour records in reports?

To check the behaviour record reports, go to the behaviour record > Reports, after clicking on reports, all incident reports will open.There are various incident reports available here, such as student incident report, student behaviour rank report, class wise rank report, class section wise rank report, house wise rank report, and incident wise report. Now, click on student incident report, and at the bottom, select criteria will appear. Please select the class,
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How can we check the student's behaviour report in his profile?

To check the student behaviour report in his profile, go to Student Information > Student Details.On the right side, the select criteria page will appear now, select the class and section of the student for whom you want to see a behaviour report, and click the search button. Now, click on the name of the student whose profile you want to view. Now click on student behaviour tab which is shown right above.After clicking on student behaviour, you can see the behaviour report
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How to comment on an incident?

To comment on an incident, first you need to check whether the settings for comments for the students as well as the parents are enabled or disabled. Go to the behaviour records > setting.Here you can see the comment option showing for the student as well as the parent, now check the checkbox where you want to comment. If you check both checkbox, so that student and his parent will be able to comment on related incident. Then click the save button to save setting. To comment on the
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