To assign an incident to a specific student, go to the select criteria at the top of the page, then select the class and section, and then click on the search button in the top right corner. Students are displayed in the assign incidents list of related classes and sections after clicking on search. 

 Click the search button to open the previous assign incident list, a list will appear below. 

The assign incident list has seven columns: the first column contains the student name list that you searched using the above criteria; the second column contains the student admission number; the third column contains the student's class and section; the fourth and fifth columns contain the student's gender and phone number; and the sixth column contains the student's positive and negative total points

Now, in the last column, there is an action column with two icons: the plus icon and the view icon. 

With the help of the plus icon or add icon, we can assign the incident to the student.

Now click on the plus icon (assign incident), which is shown right below in the action column. The Assign Incident window will be opened after clicking the plus icon. 

On the assign incident page, you can see the various types of incidents that are displayed, whether positive or negative. Now on this page, you can also see incident points and a checkbox on the right side of the page. Now, when assigning the incident to the student, please check the check box. You can also check the multiple checkbox of assign incidents to the student.

Now click on save button which showing in left bottom corner. By click on save button, incident and points are assign to the student.