To add question bank, go to Online Examinations > Question Bank then click on Add Question button present at top right corner of the question bank page, at click of this button Question modal will be open.

Here select the Subject, Question Type, Question Level, Class, Section and Question then click on Save button. You can view this added record in Question Bank page. 

add question bank

Note - Math type plugin is a paid plugin so to use it you should purchase its license from

Here you can search any record by entering the class, section, subject, question type, and question level. The list of searched records will be shown below the page.

To View question in detail, you can click on View icon which is showing in the Action column.

To edit question click on Edit icon and to delete question click on Delete icon present in the question bank page.

You can also delete more than one record at a time by using bulk delete feature. To delete bulk record click on the Bulk Delete button present at the top right corner in the page and confirmation model will be open then click on OK button so that question in bulk be delete successfully.