If you have not yet created a Lesson Plan for the current session, you can copy Old Lesson Plan and manage the current lesson plan. 

To add Copy Old Lessons go to Lesson Plan > Copy Old Lessons then Select the  preferred Session, Class, Section, Subject Group, Subject and click on Search button.

Based on the above search, the subject for which you selected related details will be shown in the section below.

Now, select the lesson and topic by checking the checkbox, which is shown in the below left side, and in the below right side, you can select the class, section, subject group, and subject where you want to update the lesson plan. After you click on the save button.

It will redirect you in lesson module and you can see in the lesson list that your copied lesson will be successfully updated in the current session.

You can edit the lesson by clicking the edit button showing in Action column, just click on Edit button, edit module will be open now here you can update the lesson and click on Save button your lesson will be update successfully.

To Delete the lesson, simply click on the delete icon, confirmation model will be open.

Now click on OK button, your lesson will be Delete successfully.