Released Date: 20 February, 2023

General Changes
  • Course complete report now based on academic session
Feature Enhancement
  • Added display course in front site publicly so anyone can purchase and study online course
  • Added guest user (apart from school student user) can buy course from front site
  • Added option to show courses in front site or show only to school student user panel
  • Added advance search/filter page for online course in front site
  • Added front site online course detail page
  • Added add to cart and checkout in front site for multiple course purchase at once
  • Added course rating and reviews in front site
  • Added course categories master for better course classification

Bug Fixes
  • Lesson edit Vimeo video issue
  • RTL mode add question issue
  • Add lesson some upload file extension issue
  • Empty course list default image path issue
  • Payment description update issue in Stripe payment gateway
  • Custom sms send issue