In a "smart school", "content type" typically refers to the classification or categorization of digital educational resources. The different types of content can include things like:

  • Documents (e.g. word processing files, PDFs)
  • Images (e.g. photos, illustrations)
  • Video files (e.g. video, animations)

By classifying the content into these different types, the "smart school" system can better organize and manage the resources, making it easier for students and teachers to find what they need.

To add a content type, go to Download Centre > Content Type. Now enter the name of the specific content as well as a description of the content type, then click the Save button, your newly added content type will now appear in the content type list.

You can also edit the content type by clicking on the edit icon, which is shown in the action column.

 To delete the content type, you need to click on the delete icon, which is also shown in the action column.

click on OK button content type will be deleted successfully.