About QR Code / Barcode Attendance

QR Code / Barcode Attendance : To each Student and Staff assigned a unique QR code / Barcode that represents their identity. These QR Code / Barcode can be generated from the certificate module of our smart school and these code usually contains information about the individual, such as a unique identifier.

  • QR code / Barcode are seamlessly integrated into the student and staff ID cards additionally, individuals can conveniently access their QR codes / Barcodes through their dedicated student and staff profiles.
  • To mark attendance, an organizer or instructor uses a QR code scanner.
  • Student and Staff present their QR Code / Barcode to be scanned upon entry.
  • The scanner reads the code, and attendance data is recorded in the system.
  • Attendance records are updated in real-time, providing accurate and timely information.
  • This data accessed by administrators for tracking and reporting purposes.
  • Administrators gain seamless access to this data, empowering them for comprehensive tracking and insightful reporting.