Smart School Android App

Version 3.1

Released Date: 8 October, 2020Features EnhancementAdded Gmeet Live Class moduleAdded camera support in homework uploadAdded Android 10 version supportBug FixesFixed Lesson Plan issueFixed document download issueFixed design issues
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Version 3.0

Released Date: 28 June, 2020General ChangesRemoved date selection in Apply Leave submit dateFeatures EnhancementAdded Lesson Plan moduleAdded Zoom Live Class moduleAdded Paytm and Midtrans payment gatewaysAdded unread count in Notification CenterBug FixesFixed Download Center date issueFixed online Exam navigation issueFixed push notification truncated message issueFixed sorting issue in many screensFixed navigation issuesFixed design issues
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Version 2.1

Released Date: 11 April, 2020Bug FixesFixed app crash issue in Privacy Policy linkFixed api default responseFixed Apply Leave attachment issueFixed Apply Leave design issueFixed Homework attachment issueFixed Attendance % issueFixed back screen repeat issueFixed app configuration issueFixed Fees Discount null issueFixed design issues
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Version 2.0

Released Date: 01 April, 2020General ChangesAdded support for Smart School version 5.2.0 for Student and Parent panelMulticlass and Chat feature has not been added in this version and will be add in next version updateFeatures EnhancementAdded Notification Center for push notificationBug FixesFixed app crash issue in landscape modeFixed design issues
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Version 1.1

Released Date: 27 July, 2019Bug FixesAdded support for http (non https) urlsAdded support for timezone exception in api for hosting serverUpdated .htaccess rules in api for hosting servers compatibility
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Version 1.0

Released Date: 5 April, 2019We are happy to announce the first version release.
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