Released Date: 4 August, 2023
    General Changes

  • 1. Added Transport fees in reports
  • 2. SMS Country API updated

Bug Fixes
  •  Notice Board design issue and roles and permissions issue
  •  Video Tutorial Teacher Restricted Mode issue
  •  Currency List toggle button design issue
  •  Attendance from 1 to 9 date display issue
  •  Student and Parent login issue
  •  Examination print marksheet class name display issue
  •  Office Copy and Student Copy print blank page issue
  •  Student details select class and search issue
  •  Mobile browsers responsive page display and scroll issue
  •  Student Fees print and Transport Fees print time footer text display issue
  •  Midtrans, Onepay and some other payment gateway issues
  •  Front site design issue
  •  Topic list shorting issue
  •  Print header footer for online admission receipt print issue
  •  Balance fees report search issue
  •  SMS and push notification for student and parent sending issue
  •  Student panel, online fees payment invoice/payment id display issue
  •  Media Manager multiple file upload issue
  •  In student profile if we change language then attendance display issue
  •  Front site pagination issue
  •  During fees submission currency sign duplicate display issue
  •  Front site news display issue
  •  Student panel, edit student profile form custom field issue
  •  Attendance report, percentage not showing green/red as per normal/low attendance limit setting issue
  •  General design and some minor issues