Released Date: 8 October, 2020 

General Changes

  • Exam marks supports decimal numbers
  • Changed all languages translation using Google Translator

Features Enhancement

  • Added Student Profile Update for Student/Parent
  • Added WhatsApp URL in Front Site
  • Added Gender wise default image for Student and Staff
  • Added Student Gender Ratio Report
  • Added Student Teacher Ratio Report
  • Added Daily Attendance Report
  • Added Delete Lesson Plan button
  • Added Disable Date for Student and Staff
  • Added Forgot Password notification template
  • Added Class Section in student Userlog
  • Added default RTL mode for 5 RTL based languages

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Download Center issues
  • Fixed Lesson Plan issues
  • Fixed Date format issue
  • Fixed System Update link visibility issue
  • Fixed Parent Panel switch class issue
  • Fixed Grade display in GPA exam pattern
  • Fixed Zip Format issue
  • Fixed Online Exam multiple submit issue
  • Fixed Online Admitted student notification
  • Fixed Multi Class student update issue
  • Fixed minor issues from different modules
  • Fixed Design issues
  • Fixed Responsive Design issues