The Attendance module is designed to help teachers easily mark student attendance during class. It’s difficult for the teacher and the class to build their skills and progress if a large number of students are frequently absent. The biometric attendance device is used for only day wise attendance at Smart School and check in and check out by the students.

Attendance module workflow: In smart school, we can use two types of attendance (Attendance and Biometric Attendance). You can run any type at time attendance day wise and period wise and attendance type can be select from System Settings > General Settings. To change attendance type here select the any one attendance type Day Wise or Period Wise and click on Save button.

To enable/ disable biometric attendance, go to System Settings > General Settings. Here select any one field Enable/ Disable and then click on Save button. To utilise biometric device feature you should have Smart School Biometric Desktop Plugin Software. It’s desktop based application which fetch attendance data from biometric device and sends to Smart School web application.

First we have to mark Students Attendance/Period then we can student marked attendance then we can Approve Leave and also check all the attendance and biometric report and student can also check monthly attendance and period attendance by date wise report.

Attendance about image